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Our 1:1 & Group Mentoring Programme for Neurodivergent Youth!

Neurodiversity is our greatest asset for inventing the future. – Thomas Armstrong

AutMentor is a programme for children & young people aged 7+

AutMentor focuses on providing mentoring to neurodivergent youth through the medium of gaming, and creates connection opportunities with other young people via gaming.

AutMentor aims to bridge the challenges that many of our neurodivergent kids experience in social settings.

We do this through the medium of gaming. We offer a safe and enjoyable way for youth to receive 1:1 mentoring by a caring parent with lived experience of supporting an autistic child and helping him navigate the dynamics of online friendships.

AutMentor provides opportunities to connect with other young people who share similar interests and experiences through group gaming.

We combine the power of gaming with personalised mentorship to provide neurodivergent youth with a supportive and enriching environment for social connection, skill development, and personal growth.

Through our mentoring programme, we aim to empower participants to build lasting friendships, overcome challenges, and thrive in both virtual and real-world settings.

AutMentor’s Ethos of Connection & Growth Building through Gaming

At AutSupport, we believe that connection and growth are fundamental elements of every individual’s journey, especially for neurodivegent youth.

We recognise that navigating social interactions and managing overwhelming environments can be challenging, particularly for children and young people on the autism spectrum.

Our ethos revolves around creating inclusive spaces where youth can thrive, build meaningful connections, and develop essential life skills in a supportive environment.

Gaming as a Medium for Multiple Skill Development

Gaming has emerged in recent years as a powerful tool for fostering social interaction and skill development, particularly for neurodivergent individuals.

Through the use of gaming consoles, such as Xbox and games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Spiderheck, Roblox and many others, AutMentor offers a platform where youth can engage in cooperative gameplay, problem-solving activities, and creative expression.

By leveraging the appeal of gaming, we provide a familiar and comfortable environment where youth can be supported to build a wide range of skills.

Iain's role as Mentor whilst gaming

As an experienced gamer and mentor, Iain serves as a dedicated facilitator within the AutMentor programme.

Iain provides a safe and supervised space for participants to explore, learn, and grow. Whether through group sessions or 1:1 mentoring, Iain focuses on fostering positive social interactions, promoting teamwork, and instilling a sense of perseverance and confidence in each participant.

Tailored Gaming Sessions

AutMentor offers a diverse range of gaming experiences tailored to the interests and preferences of each individual.

Whether you enjoy cooperative building in Minecraft, battles in Fortnite, hectic battle speeds in Spiderheck, or the variety of games within Roblox, our programme ensures that every participant can engage in activities that resonate with them.

Participants are encouraged to suggest other games they’re interested in, further personalising their gaming experience, and fostering a sense of ownership and agency.

We offer AutMentor across a number of consoles depending on the game of choice. Please let us know your preferred games when you enquire and we can let you know which console we can accommodate best.

How to Book on to the Programme

In order to book your child on to the programme, send an inquiry to Iain at iain@autsupport.nz

Iain will set up a time for a chat with you to understand what you and your young person  are looking for in mentorship sessions and come up with a tailored plan.

We offer a 10 week programme for either group or 1:1 mentoring, or we can look at something more flexible depending on your needs.

Private 1:1 Mentoring

10 sessions of 60 minute 1:1 mentoring & skill development through gaming.
$ 400 (NZD)
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Group Mentoring

10 sessions of 60 minute mentoring & skill development through group gaming.
$ 250 (NZD)
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